BIORAMAThe Hall of Life

The BIORAMA Exhibition will begin with a spectacular Hall of Life, in which the Four Elements of biography will be displayed:

Descending from the upper concourse and walkway into the hall, the visitor's eye will be drawn to a striking Wall of Words: famous biographical texts that run across the wall and floor, beneath the visitor's feet, towards the BIORAMA screen.

The BIORAMA screen will comprise a series of giant, etched, illuminated and overlapping glass panels representing the panorama of human life through chosen individuals. Behind this, colour film of the lives of the one hundred and fifty portrayed figures will be projected onto a second layer of waving gauze. Recordings of the voices of chosen individuals will provide a murmuring background of human sound, while a series of exhibition showcases will exhibit artefacts relating to the lives of anniversary figures, from Wellington boots to sunglasses, leaving space for storytellers and actors.

At the end of the Hall of Life a glass wall will overlook the small auditorium of the BIB Forum below, in which a continuous programme of arts and educational events will be taking place, based on the BIB programme of anniversaries.

Meanwhile visitors can proceed through the BIORAMA screen to explore the five galleries of the BIORAMA Exhibition.

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