BIORAMAThe Visitor Experience

It will be interactive in the real sense of that word, allowing adults and children the opportunity not only to see, but to participate.

Visitor interactionVisitors of all ages will be able to:

This biographical experience will involve both traditional storytelling and state-of-the-art technology. Visitors will interact with live storytellers, actors and practising biographers (writers, filmmakers, cartoonists, and other artists) in relation to topical or anniversary lives. Visitors will not only be encouraged to engage with the art of biography and autobiography, but to become biographers or autobiographers for a day, leaving highlights of their own lives for posterity in a special 'Time of Your Life' gallery.

In addition, throughout the day an International Anniversary Programme will offer the visitor, in the Forum, a continually changing series of anniversary presentations, celebrating the lives of selected figures.

These anniversary performances will be interactive, encouraging audience participation in discussion of different biographical interpretations, expressed and performed in different media, ranging from readings to biographical film screenings, music to theatrical renditions. This Forum will be the only one of its kind in the world, dedicated to anniversaries, with its programme recorded for the BIB archive and where appropriate, transmitted to schools and on radio/cable/satellite television throughout the world. As such, the BIB Forum will become the world's laboratory and stage for anniversary productions.

Visitors will also be able to participate in a further range of activities in the Biographical Gardens, with its pool, storytelling area and unique glass Millennium Wall, filled with autographs of the famous and of the unknown, at the turn of the twenty-first century. Visitors will be able, also, to access the BIB database/information access centre, eat in the spectacular BIB roof garden Café overlooking the pool and specially landscaped gardens, and purchase biographical items - books, recordings, CD-ROMs, mementoes - in the BIORAMA shop. The visitor experience will last on average 2-3 hours.

The visitor to the BIORAMA Real Lives Centre will experience the following: